I’m going to tie things up now…

… then give you the opportunity to join The Freelance Masterclass tribe. But more about that on the next page.

Let’s look at that basic framework again:

This simple model forms the guts of everything I do online.

Sure, when all the other systems are bolted on … the 30,000-foot view can seem somewhat overwhelming and advanced to a fresh freelancer.

It shouldn’t be. The core of the model is simple.

  1. You need leads AKA potential clients AKA traffic …
  2. … then the ability to convert those leads into clients
  3. … and finally to establish a relationship — and turn first-time clients into repeat clients (for life) … and then into raving fans that refer you to others (for life) — by doing a great job.

What makes this framework so powerful is its flexibility and simplicity.

Converting and capturing leads can be achieved in a million different ways. There’s no right or wrong way. Every situation is unique.

I can decide to run Facebook ads to reach coaches and consultants and offer my service or start messaging business owners in my area one after the other, offering my copywriting skills.

But a system that’s less time-consuming and repeatable exists (like I’m going to show you on the next page).

Really … how you “capture leads” into your funnel is only limited by your imagination — and your willingness to try something different.

Once a prospect (or client) indicates interest in what you have to offer, you’ve hit your first jackpot — but there are a number of things you can do.

I’m going to hold myself back from going on a rant … so I’ll just say this. At this point most freelancers push hard to, either:

  • Get the job
  • Sell something else the client doesn’t need to the client

Not what I do. Not out the gate. That’s stupid (in my opinion). That’s not how to begin a potential long-term relationship with someone.

Instead … use the initial contact to start to establish a relationship. It’s your opportunity to build trust and rapport with them.

You do that by demonstrating value … not shoving your offer down their throat.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the importance of creating relationships with customers in this video (pay attention — there are many takeaways in this clip btw):

Uche has developed and refined his blueprint on exactly what I did to make my first $700 on Upwork (and get 3 long-term clients!). The step-by-step procedure to finding clients, capturing them, and converting them.

When I have any need for more web copy job, I simply open this blueprint and follow the step-by-step process, and in the end, I always end up having really good clients who are always happy with what I do and are eager to pay me every single time.

This blueprint (knowing what to do first, how to position yourself for success, and how to become a $1000/month freelancer) — Uche is giving away for a discount to every freelancer or potential freelancer who wants to learn a money-making skill.

Sadly it’s not something I can easily detail here now.

But what I’ve said above is the gist of it. Don’t get hung up with the details.

I’ve mentioned a few things across these eight odd pages that should have your mind racing.

My goal was to “reframe” some of your reality about how to go about building a business online with your skills for the long term. To give you some perspective.

When asked what single event was the most helpful to him in developing the theory of relativity — Albert Einstein is reported to have answered: “Figuring out how to think about the problem.”

That right there is one of the reasons why I wrote this content for you. Half the battle is having a deeper understanding of what needs to be done — and why.

I’ve sprinkled a number of gems within what I’ve written here. Read and reread these pages a few times and let everything I’ve said, sink in.

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