Real Success Story

Lemme tell you a quick story…

Last year, I had no client, no money, and nowhere to look to get clients or money from. But I was determined to find a way to solve this problem.

I went on google (as usual), did my research, and found out about a freelancing platform, Upwork, that connected business owners all over the world to service providers like me.

I was fascinated by the idea of earning in dollars without the whole stress of setting up a PayPal account, endlessly scouting for clients, sending unread cold emails, or fighting for scrap jobs on Facebook job boards.

I started learning more about how Upwork works, and if I could use it to make money fast as a copywriter.

During this research phase, I accidentally stumbled upon a Facebook post by a friend, Uche Nick. (who knows, Facebook might be tracking my search history…)

Anyways, Ibrahim had created a bullet-proof blueprint that repeatedly got him $1k returns as a freelancer consistently for over 5+months, and he wanted to share this blueprint with other freelancers who’d like to make money on the internet also.

I had only N6k left, and the course was also N6k as at the time.

I thought long and hard about either gambling my last N6k to learn how to win on Upwork and go hungry for some days or keep on doing what wasn’t working for me and get a few foodstuffs (that would definitely finish before the 4th day!)

I decided to gamble and invest my last N6k praying and hoping not to be disappointed with my decision, or else, na die.

When I joined Uche’s program, I realized I had missed the whole point of making money online all this while.

Being with Uche, I was able to completely disregard my old approach of making money online.

I stopped running to Facebook job boards and struggling to get attention on a job posting with 200+ other copywriters like me (and you). I stopped posting on my Facebook feed where no one cared what I had to offer. I learned a completely new approach to using my skill to make money on the internet.

I learned how to make money consistently by persistently and consistently doing as I was instructed by Uche.

After following every single instruction I was given, on the 25th of September, I made my first big hit… A client reached out to me!

I had a client simply by investing N6k and 30 minutes – 1 hour daily that I’d have wasted on Whatsapp or Instagram anyway. At the end of the clients’ work by October, I had made over $700 (~330k) within one month! Good job to me.

Really, I’m not trying to brag cos I’m still a long way from my goal of $7k/month freelancing. The real point I want to make here is simply this…

I took nothing but a N6k course AND followed its instructions by taking action. And by simply taking action (along with determination) I’ve been able to consistently create a consistent source of income from one platform (there are 3 other clients now!) … I love what I do now.

I can buy whatever I want, send money to my siblings in University, buy my mother special gifts, and be a good boyfriend to my lover.

I believe as a freelancer or service provider, this should be your aim too.

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