I’m going to use shock-and-awe here to illustrate a point.

It’s the Saving Private Ryan Omaha beach scene. If you’ve ever watched the movie, you’ll know this scene well. It won an Oscar for Best Cinematography.

Warning: If you’re at all sensitive to death and violence — then don’t watch the clip. It’s hard core. I still remember the scene from when I first watched the movie some 10 years ago. It has been etched in my mind ever since.

Here’s my point of the blood bath scene above.

Picking a client-getting source is where I see most people stumble … and get shot down.

Sadly — because this key component is right at the beginning of the money-making process … it’s typically the single biggest reason why freelancers fail right out the gate.

I recently had a consulting session with a client. It nicely sums up the purpose of this page. Read up.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are broken/taken off the internet. Keep reading if you encounter one of them.

Seun was having problems. He wasn’t making a cent in this online freelance money-making thing. He had tried everything. It was like trying to squeeze water from a rock. He was frustrated. So he booked a one-hour consult with me.

Five minutes into the conversation it was clear to me why Seun was fighting a losing battle.

He’s a very clever guy. He’s a teacher at a reputable secondary school in Ota, Ogun State. He’s been messing about in “IM” (internet marketing) for a number of months already. He’s not new to this business. He knows enough.

Yet … Seun had made a rookie mistake. He chose the client-getting spot (AKA secret to the money-making strategy) because it was what others were doing.

He didn’t validate whether others had successfully made money from these sources (doing similar stuff to him).

I asked Seun if he had checked if other people were doing the same thing similar stuff to him on Indeed?

He said he had checked and there were other graphic designers. This job was also a hot topic in social media … so he just “presumed” everything was sweet.

Rookie mistake. “Presumption is the mother of all …”

So I asked Seun — if your ideal customer was searching these job boards and job posting sites for the service you provide — what would they typically type in?

Response … graphic designer ***

Quick Validation Test

I went to Indeed. Typed in the ideal search query…

120 jobs available…

There are not a lot of jobs to go round for everyone.

Seun: Oh wow! Obviously I’ve never looked at this.

I didn’t need to dig any further. I had revealed why making passive income as a graphic designer on Indeed was so hard. Sad part though … Seun had spent the best part of 5 months doing the wrong thing, sending his portfolio and CV to job postings on Indeed, LinkedIn, and Facebook job boards.

Listen … I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible to find jobs online these way. But one thing is for sure — it won’t be easy.

Why battle like this?

Why … when there are so many other places where there are tons of hungry and desperate business owners waiting for you to take their money.

Here’s a quick glimpse of how I go about identifying and picking the best place to find clients…

… instead going at it the way the rest of the pack does — like everyone does — I start by identifying where a group of audience has a specific need (to help solve problems).

Did you get that?

Never start with mindlessly broadcasting what you do on your Facebook feed or Whatsapp status … and then attempt to find a client to sell your service to. No. That’s not the most effective way to make money online.

Identify where the audience is FIRST. Find out what they are ALREADY looking for your service … then simply give it to them. Really doesn’t need to be much more complicated than that.

“…the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.” — Peter Drucker

Locating groups of people potentially looking for solutions like yours can require some out-of-the-box thinking (hint hint!). Some general starting points could be…

where to find graphic design clients *

where to find graphic designers *

how to find graphic designers *

where to make money as a graphic designer *

how to become a rich graphic designer **

… but also dig deeper and get specific to uncover the real gems.

Once you’ve identified a few potential “need-based” websites to find your ideal client … run them through the due-diligence test I did earlier to check for how many jobs there are.

So to recap…

  1. Identify a place where there are potential audience with a very specific need that you can provide.
  2. Validate (eg. Looking for number of job posts to determine the level of competition) and check for demand.
  3. Now find a way to offer your service (solution) to satisfy the needs of this audience…

That’s demand validated too now 🙂

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