In the next few pages, I’m going to try to change your definition of reality… not so much — but enough to give you some “haha!” moment.

I’m going to show you how to move towards making over N367k ($700), N250k ($476), N125k ($238) every month as a freelancer without having to use competitive job boards, send cringey cold emails into the huge, dark world of the world wide web, or even use your own social media feed to look for paying clients.

All you need is your mobile phone/laptop, internet, and brainpower.

Truth is … N367k/month (or more, even) is simply a matter of doing something that is already working for you (or others) — but more intentional.

Breakdown N367k/month … and you get about N12.3k($24)/day. Or — put another way — a unique system that earns you N91.7k ($175)/week in profit.

If you can do N91.7k/week … then you have everything you need to scale up to  N367k/month. You don’t need to go looking for any new “shit coin” or “fake MMM investment groups”

… you already have everything you need!

That, right there, should be your first “haha!” moment.

Here’s something else to think about…


Tunis is the beautiful capital and largest city of the small, beautiful Mediterranean nation of Tunisia. It is situated on a large gulf behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette in North Africa. 

Le Bardo Apartment - best hotel Photos & Review - HotelsLike.com
Dhageyso: Xalqada 21aad ee warbixinnada Magaalooyin Taariikh Dahabi ah  reebay.
Tunisie : Circulation interdite dans le Grand-Tunis pendant le week-end

It has been voted as the second cheapest country to live in Africa and one of the countries in Africa with the best cost to quality of living ratio.

Cost to quality of living ratio

Image source: Mercer

Tunis’s atmosphere is the true definition of intoxicating. It gives you a taste of what life was like in the Arabian opulence era (which reigned from the 12th to the 16th centuries). The ocean is clear blue. The beaches are white, and the smiles of the Tunisians (the natives) are big and plentiful.

Free photo Sidi-bou-said Cafe Sea Tunisia Port Color Tunis - Max Pixel
Port El Kantaoui Beach | Nearly deserted beach during a Febr… | Flickr

Tunis is a blend of comfortable to luxury lodging — with a truly authentic and fascinating culture.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blogpost on expatisan and something blew my mind. 

The cost of living (in Tunis) really got me thinking…

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You see … you only need to earn about N200k/mo to really live like a human being (including your monthly rent fee) … and that’s it!

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In Tunis, a two-bedroom apartment costs about N149k/year ($284) (note: all currency conversions are done at the local market rate of N525/$). I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I rent a two-bedroom apartment that costs around N300k/year ($571). I know that spending N200k/year ($381) on an apartment in Lagos is me cutting my budget way lower than is normal for an average “human being” to live in.

I think for most people, the idea of how attainable the “perfect lifestyle” is — is way out of place.

If for you, successful living involves meeting friendly people and making real connections with the world … then perhaps the Mediterranean lifestyle in Tunis will suit you down to the ground. If not, you can make a choice on somewhere else.

Point is … this page is not about convincing you to move to a beautiful Mediterranean nation like Tunis (unless you really want to)…

… I’m simply using Tunis as an illustration of what’s possible for not much money … and how equipping yourself with the right tools and strategies can get you there in no time.

My aim is to “shake” your perception (somewhat) … and then show you how easy it is to create a unique system that’ll allow you to achieve the result of earning at least N125k monthly.

Your “Tunis” may be the white beach of Tunis … or Lake Como, Italy … or Marbella, Spain … or Banana Island, Nigeria. Whatever.

The majority of freelancers are killing themselves daily, hustling and bidding with thousands others on job boards with jobs that they hate. Why? Because they think that’s what they need to do to survive the sh*t that “life” dishes up to them.

Tim Ferriss’s brilliant 4-Hour Work Week has gone a long way in changing peoples’ perceptions of being able to live and earn anywhere in the world.

In the next few pages I’m going to lay out a system that I use to generate income online selling just words.

This simple system can allow you the opportunity to live almost anywhere in the world.

If it’s Tunis, then you simply need to create a system that earns you N12.3k/day … or two systems that earn you N6.15k/day each.

If N367k/month is your goal … then 4 “money streams” that each earn you N3.1k/day in profit will allow you to achieve that.

Let’s start.

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