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As a small business owner, you shouldn’t rely on just a few strategies you must have mastered online to generate leads and get your ideal customers to purchase your products. Instead, you should combine the latest and old strategies, hacks, and tips for your business growth. 

Books written by marketing, growth, and sales experts also help you with invaluable information that even the gurus you read on the internet or watch on YouTube also learn from books. 

In this listicle, 7 growth marketing books that will not only reignite your interest in the philosophies of growth hacking and small business marketing but will also provide you with real-life hacks and actionable techniques used in today’s small business will be discussed.

1. Traction: Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares would be recommended to anyone who wants to have an ideal customer-flooded startup. In order words, if you want to grow your customers or your audience in such a short and rapid period, Weinberg and Mares’ traction should be your number one read. 

It is clearly described in this book how you can find and take hold of your ideal customer acquisition channels as a small business owner. 

From viral marketing to search engine optimization to email marketing and all other online and offline customer growth channels used today. You just need to take hold of one, two, or three of the channels mentioned in the book. 

Also, while studying the customer acquisition channels in this Traction book, you’ll learn how to do the following things. These are activities for small business growth your competitors might not have started yet: 

  • You’ll learn how to get and use targeted media to help you widen your audience outreach.
  • You’ll study how effective emails are used in growing your traction rapidly and how email marketing help turn leads into loyal customers.
  • You’ll learn how the search engine works and improve your search rankings and advertising using research and online tools.

2. Explosive Growth: Cliff Lerner

Explosive Growth by Cliff Lerner is filled with real-life hacks and strategies that will help your small business develop “explosively”.

Cliff Lerner has provided you the small business owner and reader with his stories of how he grew his 100 million users and lost $78 million. You’ll learn all his mistakes, the tricks he tried, and how he has used real-life techniques to expand his user growth massively.

By reading Explosive Growth, you’ll learn:

  • How to spark an explosive growth by creating a remarkable product
  • How to explore valuable viral growth strategies to implement for your online marketing.
  • Discover and execute genius media tricks that have helped acquire close to 100 million users or customers.

3. Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch.

Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing is the first typical marketing book mentioned in this article. The other two above are to be read for customer growth and wider outreach. 

By reading this book as a small business owner, you learn the essentials of the marketing process and get a comprehensive top-bottom format to help you first find your vision and then zoom in on what you need to realize it.  

You’ll get to understand the typical life of a small business owner and marketer. 

In this book you’ll learn:

  • the practical marketing guide dished out by Jantsch in his book.
  • How to craft a solid marketing strategy step-by-step that generates customers for your business
  • how to merge these strategies and hacks with your online marketing strategies. 

4. Guerilla Marketing: Jay Conrad Levinson.

Levinson’s masterpiece on strategic marketing is a must-have for any small business owner who never wants to run out of ideas and marketing strategies. 

The book has been described by marketing experts as a quintessential and definitive first-choice marketing bible for small business owners. 

Even on the digital world of today where online marketing has taken over traditional marketing, the strategies and ideas in Levinson’s classic can never be forsaken. 

Any reasonable small business owner would combine the knowledge acquired from Levinson’s philosophy of marketing and today’s online strategy for outstanding success.

In this masterpiece, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for internet marketing
  • Tips for using automated marketing
  • Strategies for targeting prospects
  • Best practices and business management for the 21st century.

5. Build a StoryBrand: Donald Miller.

Creating a brand story your audience would want to listen to and be a part of is another step to take in your business growth. This is why Donald Miller’s book Build a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen is highly recommended in this article. 

This book would simply guide you on how to tell your brand story effectively that engages your audience and communicates with your ideal customer’s psyche.  

6. Growing Happy Clients: Daphne Tideman and Ward Van Gasteren.

If you know nothing about growth hacking or small business marketing, then Tideman and Gasteren’s Growing Happy Clients is recommended for a freshman like you.

Growing Happy Clients is a made easy book growth marketing book with a no-nonsense approach, cutting out the fluff.

Reading this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Deal with any kind of client with the five major principles mentioned. 
  • How to establish a positive social habitat internally within your business.
  • How to rid yourself of the fluffs of marketing and have a broader impact.
  • Most importantly, make your clients your ideal fans and get your contracts renewed every now and then. 

7. Growth Hacker Marketing: Ryan Holiday.

Fully titled Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising, Holiday’s masterpiece has been the most recommended for anyone who has zero experience in growth hacking, marketing, and advertising. 

Just like Tideman and Van Gasteren’s Growing Happy Clients, this book, although short, provides a fundamental comprehensive clarity on growth marketing, especially for small business owners like you.

You’ll learn growth marketing with actionable and successful examples.